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Myagi has helped hundreds of sports and outdoor companies, brands and retailers alike, to drastically increase their sales.  It's not unusual to see success within minutes of your first training (though within seconds might be pushing it a bit). 

We are pioneering a culture shift with Myagi, and we have been very surprised by the uptake and progress.
—Rodger Maguire, Blacks Retail

Myagi puts the learner in the driver's seat and it's their tool to be used as and when and how they see fit, which works very well for most. It’s quite different to someone coming into the store, standing in front of you and giving you a bunch of information.
Max Wallder, Merrell

We are just stoked with how Myagi is going. The beauty of it is that it’s not daunting to me or our team!
Richard Morrow, Mike's Bikes